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About the Labmin Laboratory Information Management System

The Labmin Laboratory Information Management System simplifies the process of loading information of samples to create a work-order. Planning for analysis can happen at any time in order to prioritize client needs.


What makes Labmin so unique to other Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) Worldwide?

Labmin LIMS is a custom software solution that is bespoke for each laboratory. That is what makes Labmin LIMS so unique. Laboratories, where Labmin LIMS is utilized each, have different needs and SOP’s. Our system can be utilized as a full ERP for a free-standing laboratory or it could be utilized in a production laboratory.

As you know a LIMS is a complex software solution with different requirements and needs each laboratory has. All laboratories have different ways they do things in their Lab. Therefore, Labmin is one step ahead and has developed different and custom modules that are unique to Labmin LIMS and each unique Laboratory.

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Information And Process Flow Management

In the context of mining laboratory information, Labmin assists the Laboratory and Production departments to manage samples through their analysis lifecycles. Laboratory users follow standardised processes based on sample preparation practices and standards. The use of certain instruments and other laboratory functions such as plate management and workflow automation allows the entering of samples directly into the Labmin Laboratory Information Management System, as well as tracking their progress through the different laboratory processes.

‘Sample tracking’ includes integrated bar coding, sample login, quoting, and invoicing. The Labmin Laboratory Information Management System also allows real-time access to analytical results from virtually anywhere in the world. Users can view rich reports, which include features such as flagging parameters where results exceed defined limits, thereby easing the review of data. Furthermore, it enables users to graph results and create control charts for any entered data. Selecting data to plot is simplified by using criteria such as test, sample number, analyst, etc. Selecting the samples used to generate the control limits are just as easy.

An organisation can configure its analytical parameters and calculations into the Labmin Laboratory Information Management System. After sample registration, the module prints barcodes that are scanned at the end of the analysis when loading results into the system.





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