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LIMS Overview

About the Labmin Laboratory Information Management System

The Labmin Laboratory Information Management System simplifies the process of loading information of samples to create a work-order. Planning for analysis can happen at any time in order to prioritize client needs.

Labmin LIMS ISO 17025
About labmin

What is the Labmin Laboratory Information Management System?

A Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is a system that is built to support modern Laboratory operations. It provides the Laboratory with key features that enhances workflow, and allows the laboratory to store and access information on the system.

The Labmin Laboratory Information Management System checks the results from data captured, and automatically validates instances that comply with the needed specifications; it also reports (but does not validate) results that are out-of-specification. It can also release or retain lots and batches according to a laboratory’s specifications and calculations.

Supervisors can also schedule tasks, as well as request specific tests. These test requirements define the workload for the various lab stations. Instrumentation based data is loaded, processed through the calculation engine, and is then subjected to the Quality Control steps required for the assessment (based on certain standards, duplicates and blanks) to determine the validity of the results.





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